Why advertise your business on www.torgay.co.uk?

www.torgay.co.uk was established to promote up and coming social events for the LGBT community in the Torbay area, whether it be a Pride event, a coffee morning or an event in any one of the growing numbers of gay and gay friendly establishments in Torbay.

By showing to the outside world that we have a thriving gay community we have a better chance of attracting visitors to our beautiful Torbay. By showing to the outside world that we have a thriving Torbay we can only encourage more inward investment to the area. There has never been a better time to invest here.

Tourism in Torbay

Tourism is the key to Torbay's future success. It is also Torbay's heritage. It creates wealth, provides employment opportunities and is also responsible for, whether directly or indirectly, just about every building you can see in Torbay today.

Ever since Isambard Kingdom Brunel brought passenger railways to the area, visitor numbers steadily increased and Torbay grew as a major UK tourism destination. Currently, with many individuals holidaying for the forseeable future "at home", we are blessed with having the benefit of what is effectively the UK's only "Riviera". Make the most of it, - it is unique and second to none.

Members of the gay community worldwide, like any other people, have relatives; mums, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces, with whom they would occasionally like to holiday.

And spend some money!

- eating, drinking, visiting attractions and shopping.

So, aside from the estimated 13,000 individuals from the gay community already living in Torbay, your business could also be attracting any of the estimated 6 millions members of the gay community living within the UK and their family members.

Not forgetting those worldwide, capable of flying into Exeter, Plymouth and Bristol airports.

Attracting the so called "pink pound" may not be so daft after all. Its colour makes no difference to your bank manager, providing it's in your business's bank account!

All this for a cost of less than £1 per week! - Why are you missing out?

Just take a look at the businesses that are already advertising with torgay.co.uk and our growing Sponsors list.

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If you are visiting Torbay, you can be sure of a warm welcome on The English Riviera.